Belgian Army Surplus Jacket - Fur Trimmed Collar

Belgian Army



This army surplus jacket is a genuine Belgian army surplus field jacket that has been modified with a synthetic wolf fur trimmed collar. Made from double layered heavy cotton in olive green.

Sizing note: the chest sizes we state assume that a person with that chest size will also be wearing a shirt and jumper beneath the jacket.

Other features of this coat include:

  • Two waist pockets, two chest pockets and a rear poachers pocket.
  • Drawstring waist and hem to keep the heat in and for a more fitted or 'pinched-in' look if desired.
  • A fur-trimmed hood. Please note - the hood has been rolled out of the collar and will not fit back inside it with the added fur.
  • Adjustable cuffs.
  • Small cloth Belgian emblem on the arm.
  • Good used condition (grade 1).

Looking for a winter coat with classic army surplus style? Look no further than this Belgian olive green parka. Extremely well made as you would expect from genuine military issue, this coat will last for a lifetime.

Fur hood army surplus parka for sale from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine military clothing company.