NATO Ammo Box – 5.56mm "FAT 50 Cal" - Super Grade

Italian Army

Condition:  New - Super Grade

.50 Calibre (50 Cal) steel army surplus ammo box. These ammo boxes are in a very good un-issued condition and have a huge range of possible uses. Often used as tool boxes and other storage, these boxes have a rubber inner seal that make them waterproof! The lid is fully removable with a swing catch on one side and hinge on the other.
Great for keeping airsoft ammo and other equipment dry
  • Size: Medium (FAT 50 Calibre / 5.56mm)
  • Dimensions: 325 x 185 x 225mm (max external size)
  • Colour: Olive Green (markings and stickers will vary)
  • Condition: New un-issued, but with small transportation marks - Super Grade
Did you know? The 50 Cal ammo box was designed to carry 100 linked 50 calibre rounds for machine guns such as the BMG (Browning Machine Gun).