Aluminium Travel Case/EDAK Box - Light Grey

Sturdy transportation case with removable* inner foam rubber lining. New boxes retail in excess of £400, so these second user items represent excellent value for money.

Designed for shipping sensitive electrical controls and computers, this case makes an excellent shipping container for similar precious cargoes.

* The foam rubber interior is removable, but the glue is strong, so it may take a bit of effort if it is to be removed. It can also be cut by using a sharp long-bladed knife (with caution). The photographs with no internal foam rubber is what the case looks like when it is removed.

  • Grade 1 used condition.
  • Size 74cm (L) x 57cm (W) x 43.5cm (H)
  • Rugged ribbed outer shell.
  • Tough hinges and latches.
  • Four carrying handles (sprung return)
  • Foam rubber interior with recesses (shaped for original contents).
  • Stack-able - feet and slide runners on base locate with recesses on lid.

Aluminium military transportation cases from Forces Uniform and kit the genuine military surplus retailer.