Single Ammo Box - US PA120 40mm Grenade - Olive Green

3 available currently
Looking for a sturdy storage solution? A US military PA-120 ammo box could be just the thing for you! This ammo box was designed and manufactured in the USA to hold either linked or individual 40mm grenade cartridges for Under Grenade Launchers (UGL's) or grenade machine guns such as the Mk19. If you haven't got one of these lying around at home don't worry! We've heard of people using these ammo boxes as tool boxes, home storage, or even bullet proof PC Cases!
Size: Medium/Large (40mm) approximate dimensions: 150 mm Width x 450 mm Length x 250 Height mm
Surface rust will be evident on these boxes which we will remove with a wire brush before dispatch.

Forces Uniform and Kit is an army and navy store that deals in genuine army surplus. The ammo boxes you buy from us are the real deal, not cheap copies! If you have any questions about this item please feel free to email us at, for friendly expert advice.