Genuine military, US/NATO Fatigue Shirt with insignia




These heavyweight olive green fatigue shirts are 100% ex-military issue and come in super grade condition. Authentic, fashionable and durable, they sport epaulettes and buttons, velcro name badge strip and they are also made from top quality, comfortable heavy cotton fabric.

Please note that insignia vary, and are usually US Army or US Airforce.

Military unit badges/patches include: 

  • Pacific Air Forces,
  • Tactical Air Command
  • 173rd Airborne
  • Military Institute
  • Special operations 3rd Rangers
  • 3rd Armored Division "Spearhead"
  • US Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV)

Whilst we can not guarantee that a shirt in your size will sport a particular military unit's insignia, please add a note when ordering and we'll have a rummage on our shelves for you.