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NOTE: Pictures show style of garments only – not the quality or condition. You should expect items to be repaired, show signs of wear and have visible marks. Therefore, no returns are possible on these grounds.

British Army Gore-Tex Over-Trousers – MTP Camo – heavyweight – DISTRESSED RANGE

British Army



These heavyweight MTP British Army "Gore-tex" trousers are genuine military surplus. They are made from waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex-like material that allows sweat to escape in the form of moisture vapour, while keeping out wind and rain.

These trousers should not be confused with the previous lightweight versions, they are tough and durable. 

See our technical notes page regarding Gore-Tex.

Other features of these pants include:

  • Drawstring toggle cord waist - with Velcro fix waist to fit a larger waist range and stop water entry from the top.
  • Two pass-through pockets, that allow you to reach your trousers underneath.
  • Zipped and Velcro ankles.
  • In used deistressed condition and so will show signs of previous.

Very important note on sizing – This item is designed to be worn as an over trouser, as a waterproof hard shell over jeans or work trousers. So they are a generous cut to allow for layering and movement. The sizes quoted are the measured dimensions of the garments available. If you have any questions about these "Gore-tex" over trousers please email sales@fu-kit.com

REMINDER: No returns are possible on orders from our DISTRESSED RANGE

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