Shorts – Swiss Alpenflage (with braces)

Swiss Army



One of our speciality items, these shorts provide ample pocket space for all sorts of personal belongings. The leg pockets have internal sections for cans or bottles – beer cans fit perfectly.

A more colourful item for Summer outdoor activities you could not wish for. 

They are also available with or without a plasticised frontal area from the crotch to hem which is great for preventing visible signs of beer spillage or other moisture related activity.


  • 32" waist minimum. 
  • Two large leg pockets, each with multiple canister holders. Triple-popper secured.
  • Two hip pockets.
  • One back pocket with popper fix. 
  • Adjustable braces.
  • Pass-through zipper pockets on hip for access to under shorts.
  • Button fly.

We make these shorts from our Alpenflage trousers, so you may be interested in these.