Aluminium Travel Case/EDAK Box - Light Grey

Sturdy transportation case with removable* inner foam rubber lining. New boxes retail in excess of £400, so these second user items represent excellent value for money.

Designed for shipping sensitive electrical controls and computers, this case makes an excellent shipping container for similar precious cargoes.

Please note that due to the size and weight of these boxes, orders with multiple boxes may require us to charge a supplement which we would contact you about after ordering.


  • Grade 1 used condition.
  • Size 74cm (L) x 57cm (W) x 49cm (H)
  • Rugged ribbed outer shell.
  • Tough hinges and latches.
  • Four carrying handles (sprung return)
  • Foam rubber interior with recesses for original contents. Green cases have easily removable dividing foam.
  • Stack-able (feet and slide-rail on base locate with recesses on lid). 

Important Note: The foam rubber interior is not glued in on the model and so is removable. It can also be cut by using a sharp long-bladed knife (with caution).

Aluminium military transportation cases from Forces Uniform and Kit - The Genuine Military Surplus Retailer.