Luxottica (Ray-Ban) Clip-On Sunglasses - Dutch Army Surplus - 100% UV Protection

Brand new Dutch military clip-on sun shades manufactured by Luxottica, the group behind the biggest brands in the luxury eyewear industry including Ray-Ban, Vogue Eyewear, Persol, Oliver Peoples and Oakley. 

Glasses are not sent with protective slip case.

These sprung UV protective lenses can clip on to a multitude of frames (see pic 3) allowing the use of standard prescription lenses in bright sunlight. They have impact resistant lenses and come complete with a protective carry case. They provide 100% UV protection, but are not polarised.

Please remember that these clip-on sunglasses are springy because of the top wire and the dimensions given are the sizes they will be supplied at, i.e. unflexed. They can therefore stretch by about 10mm to fit spectacles slightly larger than the sizes given so please choose accordingly.

Ray-Ban military clip on sunglasses from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus clothing company