Hungarian Olive Military Parka with Liner and Large Fleecy Collar

Size Guide

This olive military parka is genuine Hungarian army surplus so as you would expect it is built to do the job and is designed to last! These parkas are made of 2 pieces. They consist of an outer olive green windproof shell that has a buttoned up front and shoulder epaulettes, and underneath is a cold weather liner. The cold weather liner is a thick quilted jacket worn underneath the shell, it has a button up front and a large faux fur/fleece collar that is worn outside the shell's collar. This large collar can be worn up to protect the neck and lower face from cold weather exposure.

Other features of this parka include:

  • Two waist pockets
  • Large fleecy collar
  • Thick detachable cold weather liner.
  • Olive green colour.
  • Buttoned up front.
  • Shoulder epaulettes.
  • Excellent used condition.

If you have any questions regarding this Hungarian olive military parka please email, for friendly expert advice.

Did you know? The Hungarian Defence Force consists of two branches, the army and the air force. Hungary does not have a navy due to it being a landlocked country.