Reusable Thermal Hand Warmers (Twin Pack) – new

Reusable Thermal Hand Warmers - multiple use pads

Pack of two reusable Thermopacks thermal hand warmers/heat packs, ideal for warming the hands during time spent outside. Lasts for hours.

Easy to use, on first use, simply flex the metal disc inside the liquid to cause a heat-producing reaction inside.

Before reuse, the hand warmers are recharged by immersing in boiling water for ten minutes (see photo of pack instructions) and in this way the pads should be good for many many repeat uses.

Pack contains two hand-warmer pads.

WARNING! Due to the inherent dangers of hot water, we recommend caution and that the instructions on the pack are followed when reheating the pads. Allowing the pads to cool for a while before use being the main consideration. 

Duration: 45 Minutes Approx.
Reusable hand warmers for sale from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus company