Jackets - Gore-tex and Waterproofs

Looking For Gore-Tex Trousers?

If you want the best in genuine army gore-tex jackets and military waterproof clothing for men then you've found the right place! Our range of waterproof, breathable, Gore-Tex and MVP Army Clothing is all authentic military surplus from armed forces around the world.

These genuine army surplus waterproof clothes are designed to withstand the toughest of environments and climates. From extremes in weather to the toughest outdoor pursuits and activities, the nature of soldiering demands that these military waterproof clothes be made to top quality specifications.
In this section we have a range of Unissued (New) and fully serviceable used mens army waterproof clothing including army gore-tex Jackets, Breathable Parkas, Coats and Trousers. In some instances we can offer repaired army surplus outdoor clothing, fully restored to their former glory.
So if you are looking for a waterproof camouflage jacket to go hunting or hiking in, or breathable Gore-Tex trousers to go sailing or fishing in, you've found the right shop.
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