Austrian/German Army - Cold Weather Shooting Mittens - Grade 1

These are genuine British military issue shooting mittens with leather palms and a trigger finger access. Made from a durable and waterproof Chlorofibre exterior and a wool blended interior, you can be sure your hands will be kept warm and dry in even the wettest conditions.


  • Grade 1 - Used - Very Good Condition.
  • Genuine leather palms.
  • Waterproof Chlorofibre exterior
  • Blended wool interior.
  • Elasticated wrists.

Additional Information:

Chlorofibres are made from PVC which is derived from salt and petrochemicals. The term refers to all textile fibres from PVC. They dry quickly, are waterproof, crease-resistant and have a high coefficient of thermal insulation, electric and acoustic.

These army mittens are genuine military surplus, so as you would expect they are top quality and are built to last! If you have any questions about these camo mitts please email, for friendly expert advice.