Twin Military Parachutes - French HALO Canopies

French Army

Condition:  Used


These military parachutes for sale are genuine French army surplus and were originally designed as High altitude low opening (HALO) performance parachutes French special forces. This rig was designed and manufactured by respected US parachute manufacturer Cypres. The rig consists of 2 x grey performance canopies that measure 10 x 3m and are made from lightweight rip stop nylon, packed into a camouflage jump bag, complete with oxygen delivery pipes.

Please Note: Lines have been cut!

Good Used Condition.

1 x Main Parachute canopy - 3 x 10m.

1 x Reserve Parachute canopy - 3 x 10m.

Camouflage Jump bag complete with back strap and shackles.

Oxygen delivery pipes for HALO jumps.

Weight: Approx 25Kg

These military parachutes for sale here from Forces Uniform and Kit are the real deal. They are genuine army surplus and are a great piece of collectible militaria, with numerous uses such as decoration or reenactment props. The lines have been cut from the bag so do not try to jump out of an aeroplane with one of these! If you have any questions regarding this item please email