Czech "Night Camo" Shirt/Jacket

Size Guide

An unusual type of camouflage is used in this lightweight jacket or shirt. Night camo would seem rather odd, but it is a phrase which has generically used for the more sombre types of camouflage.

One of our customers sent us this information, for which we are very grateful - "This is actually not a night camo, but working clothes a.k.a. vz. 92. Czech soldiers wear those when maintaining APCs, cars and others or doing OPFOR when training."

Made of 50% cotton/50% polyester fabric, the jacket is good and strong.

The elasticated waist keeps the fit snug and button cuffs and front complete the fitting.

Please note that these shirts may have small repairs.

These Czechoslovakian jackets are intended for wearing over the top shirts and jumpers on a person with the chest size shown, and so if you not intend to wear such under layers, please chose a size smaller than your chest size.