What 'surplus' is, our products and ordering

By their nature, surplus items released by governments, armies and police units who no longer need them, are not always brand new and so customers should understand that what we sell is mostly 'used'.

If items we receive have never been used, even if they are twenty or thirty years old, we will describe these as 'unissued'. We cannot describe these items as 'New', but they are in some cases still wrapped in their initial protective packaging and so are indeed almost new.

Sometimes, we do acquire brand new products for whatever reason, and these would be listed as "new". 

Military surplus does have a distinct aroma!

Please remember, when buying military surplus, you are not buying from a high street department store or boutique. The stock we sell has been stored in government or military depots before we acquire it. We then process it to ensure the items are in suitable condition to place online, and place it on racks in a gigantic warehouse to await customer purchase. So be prepared when you receive the items you've ordered, that they may have an aroma which, in the case of washable items, should disappear with one or two washes. Dry cleaning will sort woollen greatcoats and trenchcoats which may have a moth-ball smell. Rucksacks, tents and other similar pieces of kit will probably always have that 'army smell'.

Returning an item because "it smells" is of course your prerogative, but the cost you pay for the return postage is not refundable in this circumstance.

Not new, but unissued?

You should also understand that all items labelled as 'unissued' or 'new' are "Used" and so may show signs of wear, faint odours or in some cases minor repairs. If these professional repairs have been made, we will say so.


We list our products with the following conditions:

Unissued = just that, but may have been in storage for many years.

Super Grade = in fantastic condition.

Grade 1 = obviously pre-owned, but with very minor signs of wear or repair.

DISTRESSED = heavily used, possible repairs, marks and wear but still serviceable. Full description.

When items go "out of stock"

We are of course reliant on what becomes available from the various military and police units around the world. So we can never say when, or even if, an item will become re-available. All we can suggest is that you check back occasionally and see what we have to offer.

Free UK delivery

If your delivery address is in the mainland UK and if your Basket totals more than £100 we will deliver for no charge. Please note that the shipping cost will only appear in the Checkout if you have entered a physical post coded address.

Why we need your contact details when ordering

Giving your contact details to us is important as the delivery agencies we use will use these in the event no-one is available at the delivery address. An email address for overseas orders is essential and your day-time telephone number really does avoid delays. We appreciate your trust in giving these details, and we will not divulge these to anyone else apart from the couriers.


Please note that our trading days are Monday to Friday and so emails received after 4:30 on a Friday will be answered on Monday mornings. Please also note that orders are fulfilled first thing on weekday mornings, and so orders received after this will be fulfilled the next working day. However, we may be able to assist with urgent orders if we are contacted or the urgency is mentioned in the order's Notes box.

For more information please email one of our friendly staff at sales@fu-kit.com