30 Cal NATO ammo box - Green

Italian NATO steel ammo box for the military to carry 7.62mm linked ammunition in 250 round belts. These ammo boxes are made from steel with a removable lid, hinged at one side and a swing catch on the other. The inside of the lid has a rubber seal for waterproofing, making these boxes very useful for a range of purposes. We have heard reports of people using these for storing all sorts! 


  • Grade 1 - Good used condition - may have storage marks or minor rusting
  • Size: Small (30 cal) Dimensions: 280 x 180 x 95mm
  • Green - markings may vary
  • Collapsible carry handle
  • Removable lid

Notes: The can is labelled with the equivalent metric calibre of 7.62mm (30 cal equates to 30/100ths of an inch = 7.62mm)