Two Ammo Boxes - US M19 30 Cal - Green - pack of two

US Army



Special Offer: Pack of 2 for £22

.30 calibre (30 cal) army surplus ammo box originally designed and manufactured in the USA for the US military to carry 7.62mm linked ammunition in 250 round belts. These ammo boxes are made from steel with a removable lid, hinged at one side and a swing catch on the other. The inside of the lid has a rubber seal for waterproofing, making these boxes very useful for a range of purposes. We have heard reports of people using these for storing all sorts! From tools to sandwiches!

Size: Small (30 cal) Dimensions: 280 x 180 x 95mm

Colour: Green (markings will vary) photo shows brown colouration version

This ammo box has a collapsible carry handle, are easily stack-able and are for sale here from Forces Uniform and Kit. We are an army and navy store that deal in genuine army surplus. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to email our staff at For friendly expert advice.

Did you know! The M19 ammo box is still in service today and replaced the M1 30 cal ammo box after WW2