British 20 Litre Water Cannister - DISTRESSED RANGE

Used condition water cans (water butt) made from ABS plastic and with pouring vent. In serviceable condition despite showing signs of heavy usage.

Extremely tough and durable as you would expect from the military.

20 Litre fuel capacity.

47cm x 34cm x 18cm

NATO STOCK NUMBER 7240-99-120-7251


  • Cap chains may be missing! 
  • Colour is currently only available in green.
  • The inside will require a thorough clean or sterilisation before use.
  • These cannisters are designed to be stored in an upright manner and inversion will result in seepage through the cap threads. This is because the caps have no sealing ring, and so, to perform their role, they need to be by screwed down very tightly to prevent spillage.

Genuine military water containers from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine military surplus retailer.