MULTI-PACK - British Army Cot Bed with Mosquito Net - single bed size (COT and NET)

These folding army camp beds are used by both the British and US Military, they are have a very tough and durable lightweight aluminium frame, with a heavy duty canvas top. As you would expect from genuine army issue camping equipment these beds are built to last and will stand up to a lot of punishment. They are are easy and simple to erect, ready for a good nights sleep indoors or out.

Please note that styles and manufacturers will vary and professional repairs and canvas replacements are likely.

When we receive your order, the cot bed is processed for dispatch. This entails checking canvasses, fixtures and the insertion of any missing bar-end inserts etc etc. This may result in a one or two delay before dispatch.

UK Customer delivery surcharge

Due to the large size of the folded camp beds, they are subject to a shipping surcharge of £15 (for a one or two bed order). Three or more camp beds will be charged based on the delivery location and how many are required and you will need to contact us in this event so that we can calculate the exact cost prior to taking your payment.

Other features include:

  • Used condition with possible replacement canvas, plastic bungs and securing straps.
  • Perfectly serviceable.
  • Easily transported and stored.
  • Easy to open/erect.
  • Weight: 7.5Kg Approx
  • Heavy duty military issue.
  • Size (open): 190 x 65cm approx.
  • Size (stored): 100 x 20 x 15cm approx.

Mosquito Net

This large mosquito net was designed for use with British/US single cot beds with holes specifically provided for the four supplied poles. Alternatively, there are plenty of ribbons around the top of the net to secure it to any overhanging branches or room fixtures. 

Alternative uses include in the garden to keep the birds and insects off your ground plants or small bushes.

  • Fits single bed or cot at about 7' x 3' and 7' tall (2 x 1 x 2 metres) approximately.
  • Supplied with four wooden net support poles at 75cm length (They may need their points shaved to snugly fit the holes in your cot)
  • Access overlap on one long side.
  • Wide fabric skirt hem around lower edge perimeter for strength and to weigh the net down.

Genuine British Army mosquito nets from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine military surplus retailer.