Czech Army Parka - Rain Drop Camo

Czech Army


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A genuine military surplus Czech army parka, so as you would expect, this coat is very warm and designed to do the job at hand. These parkas come in rain drop camouflage, also known as airborne camo and consist of 2 separate parts. The outer rain drop camo shell is made from heavy duty cotton which will stand up to a lot of punishment, the shell has a buttoned up front and 2 large waist pockets. There is also an inner liner that is buttoned into the shell, it is a thick quilted lining that offers excellent insulation and makes this parka an excellent choice for winter.

Good used condition.

Did you know? The rain drop camo pattern used in this parka was developed in the 1960's in East Germany and was known as 'Strichtarn'. Designed for use in Europe and was in service up until 1990.