D I S T R E S S E D - R A N G E – It's seen a bit more action, but it's still awesome kit and perfectly serviceable.

NOTE: Pictures show the style of garments only – not the quality or condition. You should expect items to be repaired, show signs of wear and have visible marks. Therefore, no returns are possible on these grounds.

Dutch Army - Woodland 60 litre DPM Camo Military Rucksack - DISTRESSED RANGE

Dutch Army

Condition:  Used


DISTRESSED RANGE - No returns because of broken zip, possible missing clips and other minor signs of previous use.

This Dutch army camo backpack/rucksack is made from durable and waterproof Cordura nylon material. It has a camouflage pattern very similar to British DPM and has a 60 Litre capacity. The main storage area is split into three compartments to easily separate and find kit, it has attachments for two outer pockets (not included) and an identification pouch on the back for travel documents.

  • These rucksacks are in DISTRESSED used condition and so will have faults like broken zips, missing clips.
  • Removable top.
  • Drawstring seal to top of main compartment.
  • Velcro seal inner pocket.
  • Please note, the side pockets shown in the photos are not supplied. These may be available as a separate item when in stock.
Dutch military waterproof camo rucksacks from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus company
REMINDER: No returns are possible on orders from our DISTRESSED RANGE

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