Dutch Gore-Tex Camo Military "Hooped" Bivvy Bag

Dutch Army

Condition:  Used

A comfortable bivvy bag with a tent pole arch in the head area (single pole supported). There is enough space at the head end for equipment that needs to be at hand day and night. The L-shaped access opening can be closed with two zippers. The specially designed storm flap ensures that the zippers are sealed to be absolutely waterproof. This bivi bag is manufactured from Gore-Tex material making it water proof, wind proof and vapour permeable (breathable) and includes a zipped mosquito barrier that can be used when the main zip is open for ventilation.
This genuine military divvy bag comes in Dutch DPM woodland camouflage very similar to the British military, and comes complete with 1 x aluminium pole
NB: These bivi bags may contain minor professional repairs
Gore-Tex hooped military bivi bags from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus company