German - Meindl brand desert/jungle hiking boots - UK size 9½ only - new - in retail package

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These genuine Meindl desert/jungle boots are constructed of suede/nylon which keep the feet cool and dry. They offer excellent ankle support and protection and comfort.

Supplied in un-issued condition with tags and labels still attached, they have indeed never been issued for use. And, being made by Meindl, they are built for comfort, durability and performance.

The information on the box explains they are intended for rambling and hiking and so will be great for civilian uses. The label also states "Gevecht - Jungle Man" and so, with the Dutch word "gevecht" meaning "combat" we can only translate the intended use as jungle/desert military boots despite the sand colour normally aimed at desert deployment. The breather ports are typical 'jungle' features to allow water to egress, and make these boots a hybrid compared to the majority of our stock.

Features of this boot:

  • Only available in Euro 280 size (UK 9½ or 10 at a push)
  • Leather and Cordura uppers
  • Vibram sole with rugged tread.
  • Two breather ports on either side of the instep to keep the feet cool.
  • Sold with original box, with labels attached
  • Comes with two spare insoles and a spare pair of laces.

Dutch/German Army jungle boots for sale from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus clothing company.