German Army Jerry Can - New - 20 Litre (genuine military surplus)

German Army


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Looking for a new jerry can? You've found the right place! Forces Uniform and Kit is an army and navy store that deals in genuine military surplus, so our fuel cans are top quality and this German army jerry can is the best of the best.

Condition: Brand New

These jerry cans are made from sturdy steel with welded seams that mean it will last a lifetime. Not like the cheaper Asian copies that have inferior folded seams. Ideal for transporting and storing all fuels, these cans have a 20 litre capacity and have a NATO standard spout which means it is compatible with commercial nozzles.

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Did you know? Jerry cans were invented in Germany in the 1930's, they got their name by the allied Forces (Jerry was wartime slang for Germans in WW2), and the design is still popular today.

Genuine German army jerry cans for sale in new condition from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine military surplus clothing and equipment company