Home Flood Defence Kit - Water Activated Sandbags - Dam It Up bags

Introducing "Dam It Up Bags". The easy to use and affordable sand-less alternative to heavy and messy sandbags that can be used by everyone. Tough and durable hessian sacks containing a super absorbent polymer that swells up when in contact with water, making them easily transportable and easily storable before they are needed.

The home defence kit contains:

25 x "Dam It Up Bags" 14 x 26 x 4 inches (when expanded)

1 x Waterproof protective delivery and storage sack to stop unwanted water exposure.

Each Dam it up bag weighs less than 0.4 kilos when dry making this the ideal flood defence solution for everyone including people with limited strength.

One time use only, the bags do not return to original condition when dry.

Instant Sandbag Alternative Emergency Flood Defence Kit From Forces Uniform and Kit