Mens Bulgarian Military Khaki Wool Greatcoat – Soviet era

Soviet Army


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This mens military wool greatcoat is genuine army surplus and was originally from Soviet era Bulgaria. They are a full length, double breasted design fastened by dark plastic buttons complete with soviet emblems. Other features of this military greatcoat include:

Shoulder epaulettes with coloured piping (colours may vary slightly).

A back belt for a more fitted appearance.

Rolled sleeves to fit any arm length, which can be rolled down to protect the hands from cold.

A high collar with coloured piping that can be turned up to protect the neck and lower face.

Double breasted with soviet plastic buttons.

100% wool with a comfy cotton lining.

Good used condition (grade 1).

A fantastic quality 100% wool mens greatcoat at a faction of the cost you would expect to pay! A genuine piece of cold war military history.

Soviet khaki wool greatcoats for men for sale from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine military surplus clothing store.