Military Backpack - Swedish Metal Framed Rucksack

Swedish Army


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This military backpack is genuine Swedish military surplus so you can be sure that hard wearing and designed to last! The is an external metal framed rucksack, meaning the steel frame offers fantastic support and rigidity. This is a very comfortable design when the rucksack is not full. It also allows lets air flow between the bag and the wearers back - no more sweaty back patches!. These military backpacks are made from heavy duty canvas that will stand up to a lot of punishment.

Other features include:

  • 50 Litres capacity - approx with top cover at maximum capacity.
  • Hard wearing nylon straps and metal buckles.
  • Name tag window.
  • Adjustable back straps.
  • Used/Repaired condition (this item is fully functional but may have some visible repairs).
  • Metal frame may have missing paint and some surface rust.
  • Item may be dusty and would therefore benefit from a thorough wash.

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