Polish Army Teepee Tent / Lavvu

Polish Army


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This Polish army tipi tent is genuine military surplus. It is made from 2 heavy duty cotton canvas pieces that can be worn individually as rain proof ponchos, or buttoned together to make a 2 man teepee tent/shelter. The idea behind this design is each soldier would carry half the tent with them in the form of a poncho and half the poles. Then when they had time to rest, they could buddy-up with another and make a shelter.

  • Height: 1.4m approx
  • Diameter: 2.4m approx
  • Sleeps two
  • Good used condition (grade 1).

Did you know? These types of tent/shelters are sometimes referred to a lavvu tents. These tents originated in Scandinavia as temporary shelters and are a very similar shape to North American Teepee tents, however they were quite often not as high, with a shallower wall angle to be more stable in high winds.