D I S T R E S S E D - R A N G E – It's seen a bit more action, but it's still awesome kit

NOTE: Pictures show style of garments only - not the quality or condition

UK Police Stab/bullet proof security vest - body armour

British Army



Genuine British Police stab and bullet proof vest, in used Serviceable condition. Sourced from a number of different county police forces and therefore, styles will vary.

These vests have been de-badged and so make ideal protective kit for security teams and door staff. Colours vary as do style and adornments like the police chequer stripes.

Important Reminder - The Kevlar in these vests alone is worth more than £150 and that is the key component we emphasise about this product. The outer vest's style will not necessary match the photographs shown and so the colour, the arrangement of pockets and accessory attachment points will vary.

If you seek a specific construction or style, we would welcome an email enquiry.

Pockets are usually Velcro and zip seal and the main front zip is tough plastic too.

When ordering, please state chest size when wearing any under layers as we will ensure the items sent will meet these dimensions.

PLEASE NOTE: No returns are possible on orders from our DISTRESSED RANGE

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