Gore-Tex Army Gaiters - British DPM Camo

British Army


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These Gore-Tex army gaiters are genuine British military issue, so they are top quality and built to last. They are made from waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex material so they keep out the dew and standing water without getting sweaty. Gaiters are designed to be worn over the tops of your boos and over the bottom of your trousers. They are designed to keep the bottom half of your legs dry when walking through tall grass or shrubs. They also have the added bonus of protecting from tics and lice that may live in these kind on habitats. The gaiters are secured by hooks that lock onto the laces, as well as a wire that is passed under the sole and buckled on the other side. There is a rear zip to allow easy access and a drawstring at the top stop any rain or creepy crawlies in through the top. Features include:

Very good used condition.

Waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex fabric.

Rear zip.

Drawstring top.

British DPM Woodland camo.

If you have any questions about these gore-tex gaiters please email sales@fu-kit.com for expert friendly advice.