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Forces Uniform and Kit, sometimes cheekily referred to as FU-Kit, is a genuine army surplus clothing and equipment company. So, what we sell is almost entirely unwanted military-issued or government department stock, which is built to do a tough job.

Important information the condition and aroma of surplus items

Our products have been disposed of by various governments around Europe and sometimes further afield. We do not provide mass-produced imitations from the Far East that will only last a few months, like multiple retailers who are selling the exact same products as each other, and even display the exact same photographs.

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which captures just part of what we do.


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Style and fashion from genuine military surplus is our credo. We are proud to help in the re-purposing and recycling of clothing and equipment that would otherwise be shredded, burnt or buried despite being perfectly good and fit for a second use away from the original military one. Providing sustainable options for customers to purchase clothing and other previously owned items are what we strive to offer.

With over 20 years experience retailing army surplus online, our company specialises in providing genuine military surplus clothing and equipment for fantastic value for money. Not only do we source and process perfectly good, ready to wear items, we also repair boots, clothing and other surplus goods to bring them back to useful condition. These professional repairs are listed in the product descriptions. Refurbishment can cover a new zip, replacement buttons, Velcro, Gore-Tex seams etc etc - you name it, we do it.

We have an extensive range of men's and women's military jackets, wool coats, Gore-Tex and waterproof clothing, as well as a wide selection of surplus camping equipment and military accessories, rucksacks and hardware.

As well as our large range of up-cycled army jackets and clothing, our army and navy store stocks a large range of genuine army surplus camping gear for sale including sleeping bags, army tents, Gore-Tex bivi bags and military survival items to suit any trip or outdoor pursuit. We also stock army kit bags, military holdalls, rucksacks, and more unusual items available to buy such as genuine army camo nets, ammo boxes, grenade boxes and more unusual and collectable army items and accessories.

We are always hunting for more items, with new lines being added every week.

From dispatch, we offer a 'next-day' UK delivery service, a no hassle returns policy and worldwide shipping. Please do note that sometimes deliveries may be delayed if circumstances beyond the courier's control crop up or at busy times of the year. 

We're very pleased to have received thousands of 5 Star independent product reviews from happy customers.

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