Here you will find our collection of kit to make a night's sleep in the great outdoors as comfortable as possible. 

Military grade sleeping bags, mattresses and bivvy bags are made to provide rugged and effective protection for the user, and so they will be well suited to most environments that our customers will experience.

Please note, we cannot guarantee the level of comfort a particular sleeping bag will provide. For instance, a sleeping bag is not designed to be used on its own out on a wild and windy moor. It will have been designed to be used alongside other protective equipment such as a tent or bivouac shelter where common sense deployment is an absolute necessity. Likewise, a 'jungle' sleeping bag, which will be a lighter less-well-insulated item, will suit the climate it was intended for and still be used in a sheltered location.

Therefore, we do not provide specific temperature suitability guides for our sleeping bags, as it is your responsibility to prepare, and make additional suitable preparation when venturing out and about. We name the products as per their original definitions with the military, and this will give an indication of the seasonal suitability of the items we have available.