Payment methods

How can I pay for my goods?

All payments must be made online by using one the Shopping Cart payment methods shown at checkout.

Card payments 

After you have filled your 'Cart' with the items you would like, you will have the option to Pay By Card or by Express Checkout, by following the instructions on the Checkout pages. Our Checkout payment portal is provided by Paypal, and so card payments are processed by them, as with all online payments, in a safe and secure way.

In the United Kingdom, card payments by Visa, Mastercard and American Express debit and credit cards are accepted. For elsewhere in the World, accepted payment cards will differ, depending on location.

Express Checkout options

If you already have an account with one of the payment methods shown at Checkout, you can use the details they already hold to speed the payment process. Currently we offer Shop Pay, PayPal and Google's GPay.

Phone payments

In some exceptional cases where a consignment is extremely heavy, or to an overseas location requiring palletised shipment, we are happy to take payment by card over the telephone. In this case, a separate invoice will be generated to cover what is not possible using the FU-Kit checkout online.

Potentially fraudulent transactions

Sometimes, we receive orders that are flagged as potentially fraudulent by the PayPal system we use to manage payments, and we make a decision regarding whether or not we will allow dispatch of the ordered goods. The following reasons are common and in some cases can be corrected to help an order complete successfully.

  • Hidden IP address (i.e. your computer is using a VPN - Virtual Private Network and so is deemed a bit suspicious).
  • The registered Billing Address for the card used to make the payment is not listed, or the delivery address has been used as the Billing Address

In some cases we will contact the customer concerned and offer help in resolving such hiccups.