German NATO Flying Suit - Genuine German flight suits

German Air Force flight suits in a two colour styles which make great overalls or coveralls.
  • Genuine German Air Force Issue
  • Dark green, dark blue or light grey/blue (when available).
  • Zipped Front with Multiple Pockets
  • The suits are made of 49% Viscose with a Fire Resistant quality (well they were when new, they are obviously no longer new), 49% Aramid and 2% Antistatikfaser (anti static fibre).

Sizing - explained

The first number in the codes we show (i.e. 38/110) refer to the suit's measured arm pit to arm pit in inches, doubled and with 2 inches taken off to match a chest size.

For example, if 19" is measured across the garment laid flat, this is doubled, to give 38" and then we take off 2", so the coat would accommodate a 36" inch chest - snuggly. This allows for a light shirt underneath being worn as well. Additional layers would require a larger chest size of course.

The 110 refers to the drop (in cm) from the collar seam to the trouser ankles and so how far down from your neck the ankle will be can be estimated.

(The reason for mixed dimensions is that we in the UK have retained inches as our chest size preferences, despite decimalisation in the 1970s. Heights are more generic and so we bow to the continental method with this).

Genuine flying suits from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus clothing company.