Austrian lightweight two man tent

This clever tent is dual purpose. Designed to be used by a two-man team to shelter under, with each person bringing his or her half with them. Each personal kit comes in a single bag, with one half of the tent.

By buttoning the two halves together and supporting the fabric with the two four-piece poles and ground stakes, an approximate 2m x 1.6m x 1.2m tent is created. A genuine military surplus tent from the Austrian Army, this makes a perfect small tent or shelter for summer camping, fishing, or just for children to play in.

The tent does not have a ground sheet and use in bad weather would not be advisable. It is suited to summer use or as an lightweight emergency shelter.

Sold as a two-pack set! Please note, fabric colouration may vary as shown in the photos, but we will match the two halves as closely as we can.

  • Grade 1 - Vintage - will show signs of use or professional repairs.
  • Waterproof nylon fabric. 
  • Full tent set comprises of two nylon fabric sheets, two composite aluminium poles (four section), two guy ropes for each end and 10 pegs - all supplied in two nylon bags.
  • Reinforced eyelets and cords for pegging down.
  • Aluminium buttons along tent ridge - double buttoned for strength.
  • Buttons to secure entrance flaps at each end.  
  • Each poncho pack weighs 1.1Kg - two supplied - total 2.2Kg
  • Each individual bag contains one half of the tent (buttoned sheet of shaped nylon) five pegs, a guy rope and a four section pole.
  • Total weight = 2.2Kg
Please note that as genuine army surplus these tents may show signs of wear, some delamination of waterproofing material and professional repair.