Hungarian two man tent / twin poncho set

This clever tent is dual purpose. Designed to be used by a two-man team to shelter under, whilst at the same time providing each man with a waterproof poncho.

By buttoning the two ponchos together and supporting the fabric, with the single four-piece pole and ground stakes, an approximate 2m x 1.6m x 1.2m tent is created. A genuine military surplus tent from the Hungarian Army, this makes a perfect small tent or shelter for summer camping, fishing, or just for children to play in.

  • Waterproof canvas fabric.
  • Composite pole (two section) and pegs.
  • Reinforced eyelets for pegging down.
  • Aluminium buttons.
  • Arm holes for poncho use.
  • Lacing to secure entrance flap.  
Please note that as genuine army surplus these tents may show signs of wear. Small holes in the fabric are also present (see photo).