Genuine NATO Army Folding Shovel

please note this is a genuine nato shovel not nato style or nato type so not likely to sheer the shoulder bolt at first time of use 
This army folding shovel is standard issue to all NATO troops. Also known as an entrenching tool, it is made from heavy duty steel which is built to last and will not fall apart after a few uses (like some cheap Asian copies do).

The spade head tapers to a sharp point with saw-like serrated edges and a lip at the rear to help get purchase when pushing into the ground with your feet.

The shovel handle consists of two parts and a screw lock that allows the shovel head to be locked in two different positions, or the entire shovel to collapse into a 3rd of its extended length. This makes the NATO folding shovel very practical, easily stored and transported and ideal for camping or an emergency vehicle shovel.

Very good used condition (grade 1).

When in stock we also have the cover for this shovel - click to view

Three-way army folding shovels for sale from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine military surplus store.