Technical notes – a few useful points

Use of Gore-Tex and "Gore-Tex" in our product descriptions

Gore-Tex® is a brand name for one of the W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc company's products. The term "Gore-Tex" has become a generic term for fabric which is moisture vapour permeable (MVP). Military clothing is of course an ideal use for such material and Gore-Tex is indeed used in some. However, there are plenty of other manufacturers around the world who produce almost identical MVP fabrics which perform just as well as Gore-Tex, and so we may sometimes describe a product as "Gore-Tex" (with the speech quotes) as a generic term in some cases, but where appropriate we state the genuine brand name. Please also note, that a military coat from one production batch may have genuine Gore-Tex, but a later garment may be of a different brand.

Chest sizes - military coats and waterproofs

Please note that some overcoats, parkas or wet-weather clothing will be sized to fit a specific chest size and still be suitable for a person who is also wearing several under-layers. This means that military stores can issue a shirt at size 112, a jumper at size 112, a parka at 112 and a water-proof top layer at size 112 and it will all fit one person who wears all four. Therefore, when purchasing top layer garments, please pay particular attention to this option because a 112 worn on its own might feel loose and uncomfortable.

Also, our quoted sizes are based on the labelling on each garment. Clothing that has been washed many times may vary in size compared to similar items and therefore we cannot guarantee absolute accuracy.