Ammo Box - M2A1 50 Cal - Olive Green

US Army

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Condition:  Used

.50 Calibre (50 Cal) steel army surplus ammo box originally designed and manufactured in the USA for the US military. Our ammo boxes are in a good used condition and have a huge range of possible uses. Often used as tool boxes and other storage, these boxes have a rubber inner seal that make them waterproof! The lid is fully removable with a swing catch on one side and hinge on the other.
Size: Small/Medium (50 Cal) Dimensions: 280 x 180 x 140mm
Colour: Olive Green (markings will vary)
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Did you know? The 50 Cal M2A1 ammo box was designed to carry 100 linked 50 calibre rounds for machine guns such as the BMG (Browning Machine Gun).