Austrian Army - Olive Green - Armoured Fighting Vehicle Suits (AFV)/ Tank Suit

3 available currently

Genuine Austrian Army Armoured fighting vehicle / Tank suit. Made from heavy poly/cotton these coveralls are very hard wearing and will take a lot of punishment. Made from a highly resistant Viscose Fibre and Aramid blended material you can be sure this suit will keep you protected.


  • Grade 1 condition - may have minor professional repairs and signs of use
  • Material - 65% Flame Retardant Viscose Fibre - 35% Aramid
  • Shoulder epaulets
  • Rear access shoulder zip for rescue extraction
  • Zipped Ankles
  • Two-way zip-up front

As with all similar suits and overalls these garments are made to fit military personnel with a slim physique and so will not fit a more rotund body shape or a beer-belly.

Did you know? Flame Retardant Viscose Fibre. FR Viscose-T100 is a man-made cellulosic fibre which is flame retardant by incorporating “phosphorous” in the viscose matrix. FR Viscose T100 has been extensively used in fabric blends where it provides increased moisture absorption and comfort without compromising protection.

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Genuine British military surplus army overalls from Forces Uniform and Kit.