Austrian/German Police - Waterproof 'Anti-Cut' Leather Gloves - Grade 1

These genuine Austrian/German police, Anti-cut gloves are superb protective choices. Designed with stop and searches in mind, these gloves are highly resistant to fire, water and cuts. They will provide excellent durability and comfort for work and even everyday use.


  • Grade 1 - Good condition - may show signs of use, wear etc.
  • Genuine Leather
  • Highly durable Polyester outer
  • Protective knuckle and hand plates.
  • Padded knuckles and hand
  • Velcro secured
  • Material; Dyneema (46%), Fibre Glass (21%), Polyester (33%)

Did you know? Dyneema fibres have a very high ratio of fibre strength to weight as well as high abrasion resistance and low water absorption.

Forces Uniform and Kit is an army and navy store that specialises in genuine military surplus, so you know can be sure these Austrian military gloves are the real deal and built to do the job. If you have and questions about this product feel free to contact, for helpful friendly advice.