Austrian Rucksack Waist Belt accessory - for "Urban Rock" or "Redo" 65 litre rucksacks

These rucksack waist belts are made from durable and waterproof Cordura nylon material, and is intended to provide addition weight-supporting comfort to the following Austrian rucksacks so choose the correct version, and waist dimension to suit your physique.

  1. "Urban Rock" = 50 litre capacity
  2. "Redo" = 65 litre capacity

These rucksack waist belts provide a weight-supporting addition to the Austrian Urban Rock and Redo rucksacks. As shown in the photos, this accessory belt provides additional comfort by wresting some of the downward force from the shoulders to the hips.

Other specifications:

  • In Grade 1 condition - May show signs of operational use or long term storage - dust, markings, name tags, etc. 
  • Padded and adjustable with plastic click-lock fixed buckle.
  • Lumbar padded section ensures maximum comfort in long term use.
Austrian military waterproof rucksack belts from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus company