Bolle Tactical "Gunfire" Ballistic Military Eye Glasses

Brand new tactical combat glasses which protect against airborne fragments and objects.

Made by Bolle, one of the biggest names in the protective eye wear business, these spectacles are built tough and will stop small, slow speed objects. They are unissued, and come with three lens colour choices to suit the operating area - grey, clear and sand.

Ideal for use in a number of sports applications including shooting, cycling, ski-ing and snowboarding, these glasses are genuine Bolle branded and so you can be sure that they are built to last and do the job at hand.

Other features include:

  • Supplied with three lens choices - clear, sand and grey.
  • Wrap round design.
  • Two microfibre pouches.
  • Fitting instructions.
  • Spare side arms - clip on design.
  • Brand new condition.
  • Zipper-closed hard case with embossed logo. 
  • PLATINUM® anti-fog and anti-scratch coating lenses.
  • USA Ballistic Resistance rating: ANSI: Z87.1*

    Z87 is the equivalent of our EN166, a specification or standard for Personal Eye and Face Protection

View the YouTube video showing impact testing of the spectacles 

Dutch Bolle ballistic protective glasses from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus clothing company