British Air Crew MTP UBACs Shirt - Flame Retardant - Grade 1

2 available currently

This Flame Retardant "Air Crew" version of the British army's Multiple Terrain Pattern (MTP) combat UBACS shirt is genuine UK military surplus, so you can be sure that these are built to last and designed to take a lot of punishment.

UBACS stands for under body armour combat shirt, and as the name suggests it is designed to be worn underneath body armour/flak vests. The main body is made from a sweat wicking Coolmax material, designed to be breathable and keep the wearer cool and dry.

Other features of this UBACS shirt include:

  • Half length neck zip.
  • Sleeve pockets.
  • Velcro adjustable cuffs.
  • 64% Flame Retardant/24% Para aramid/10% Polyamide/2% antistatic

Please note, the fabric was flame retardant, when new, and will still retain some of that ability, but after many washes, please be aware of any possible lessening of this.

Did you know? The UBACS shirt is a relatively new addition to the British army uniform, it came about to compliment the Osprey body armour system, developed for ground troops in 2003 for the Gulf War 2 (Operation Telic).