British Army Desert UBACS Shirt

1 available currently

This British army desert UBACS shirt is genuine UK military surplus, not a cheap Asian copy, so you can be sure that these are built to last and designed to take a lot of punishment. UBACS stands for Under Body Armour Combat Shirt, and as the name suggests it is designed to be worn underneath body armour/flak vests. The arms are padded and reinforced to give the wearer protection and comfort. The main body is made from a sweat wicking coolmax material, designed to be breathable and keep the wearer cool and dry.


  • Half length neck zip.
  • Sleeve pockets.
  • Adjustable cuffs.
  • Cloth union jack patch on the shoulder.
  • Brand new.

Did you know? The UBACS shirt is a relatively new addition to the British army uniform, it came about to compliment the Osprey body armour system, developed for ground troops in 2003 in Gulf war 2 (operation Telic).