British Guards - Red Ceremonial Jacket - Irish Drummer

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These genuine British Guards ceremonial jackets are in very limited supply and so we have sized each individual jacket to make your choice easier. Made of 95% wool and 5% nylon they are of course made to measure the original Guardsman it was issued to and as with most British military personnel, they have pinched waists and so do not have the capacity to accommodate a "beer belly" when buttoned up. 

These jackets will have definitely been worn around Buckingham Palace on ceremonial events and duties.

Colourful and trendy is the way to look at the coats when worn, and of course for fancy dress or dramatic use you won't go wrong. The jackets will sport insignia relevant to the regiment they represent and the Irish Guards ones will be as shown in the photographs. Rank stripes will of course vary or be missing altogether - dependent upon each jacket's original wearer.

Chest sizes are those stated on the label inside each garment.

The drop dimension we state in the sizes available is the distance from the collar seam to the hem when the jacket is laid flat on a table. 

Arm length is the measured distance from the arm pit to the cuff.

Please note that because these jackets will definitely show signs of use, you should not expect a pristine garment. Some marks appear where belts and other metallic fixtures were connected and these may be removable with a little careful attention. Likewise, the inside of the collar will show grubby stains which can be cleaned by hand. Please see the image of the label for washing guidance.

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