British modular sleeping bag current issue - medium weight component


One part of the British military's modular system for all-weathers and supplied in grade 1 condition. A true four-season sleeping bag arrangement.

The "modular" sleep system comprises this medium-weight sleeping bag along with a lightweight hot climate version available see site Placing the lightweight bag inside the medium bag creates the winter-weight bag combo.

The lightweight component for this set can be found here

This sleeping bag has a lightweight hollow-fibre filling and a rip-stop nylon shell. 

  • The zip is protected with a full length flap which helps seal the warmth in and is held in place with several Velcro secured tabs.
  • The top opening has a drawstring and toggle to also keep the warmth in too. 
  • In used Grade 1 condition, but may have minor professional repairs.
  • Stored for some time - may need freshening or  cleaning 

The zip on this sleeping bag is designed to allow rapid exit by the user. As a result, the zip slider is designed to hinge open to allow removal, and to re-affix and close the zip. 

Weight: 2 Kg approximately.