British MTP Camo Armoured Fighting Vehicle Suits (AFV)/ Tank Suit

Made from heavy poly/cotton these coveralls are very hard wearing and will take a lot of punishment. They are current British MTP camo issue with a zip front and shoulder epaulets. Excellent hard wearing overalls ideal work wear.

As with all similar suits and overalls these garments are made to fit military personnel with a slim physique and so, will not fit a more rotund body shape or a beer-belly.

Styles will vary.

Other features include:

  • Poly/cotton.
  • Shoulder epaulets and front rank slide.
  • Rear access zip.
  • Velcro ankles and zip.
  • Pockets aplenty.
  • Two-way zip-up front.

If you have any questions about this item please email for expert friendly advice.

Over-alls or overalls or even coveralls, they are the same. This garment has the convenient rear access Velcro-secured slot across the hip-line.

Genuine British military surplus army overalls from Forces Uniform and Kit.