British Army Cold Weather Coveralls - Black Rip-Stop quilted liner - New

These Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) suits were supplied to the British Army and designed as tough and warm garments in harsh conditions and specifically for use in cold storage establishments. Although they were not intended to be used on their own, but with additional PPE garments, they do make an excellent all weather work suit for the British winter as well as for British soldiers in action in Norway and cold environments. Although not intended as waterproof, they do have a resistance to water and light showers.

Manufacturers and style may vary, and the 170/120 size is a lighter black/grey in colour.

The rip-stop fabric will withstand most abrasive forces and the quilted lining will definitely keep you warm.

The suit has a two-way zip that goes from the throat right down to the left ankle and so no need to take your boots off to get them on or off. The right leg has a two-way zip from hip to ankle as well. So access to under layers is possible and donning the garment is super-easy.

A fantastic piece of kit, known also as a "dew liner"and one which will not hang around long, so get yours before next winter.

Features of this suit include:

  • Brand new in bag with labels.
  • One-piece suit.
  • Quilt lined body (not removable).
  • Faux-fur lined hood.
  • Rip-Stop fabric externally.
  • Double-slider zips allows access from the top or bottom of the two zips to under garments when zipped close.
  • Full length front zip (with Velcro wind flap). Zip starts at ankle and goes up to neck via the crotch.
  • Full right leg zip. Zip goes from waist to ankle (closes from top to bottom). 
  • Velcro arm cuffs.
  • Two lower hip pockets.
  • Two breast pockets.
  • One inner left breast pocket.
  • Elasticated drawstring hood with spring lock toggles.
  • Elasticated rear waist.
  • Washable at 40º.
  • Stirrup straps inside lower leg with button connect.
  • Styles may vary.

How to wear the ECW suit

The suit is designed to be easy to put on for use in cold conditions over other clothing, and so the procedure is to have the right leg zip slid all the way up (i.e. fully unzipped with the ankles unconnected) and the full body-length zip fully undone too. To put it on, put right leg in and then put your arms and shoulders in. This should mean the suit is in loosely the right position on your body and just needs the zips doing up. So, zip down the right leg zip to close it fully – tighten with the Velcro straps around your boots/ankles. Then connect the slide-in bottom of the left leg zip and slide the slider all the way up to your chin – tighten Velcro again at ankles. The right leg zip does not start at the ankle, and there is no slide-in 'insert pin'.

As you would expect from genuine army surplus, these suits do a great job and are built to last.

British military cold weather suits for sale from Forces Uniform and Kit, the genuine army surplus clothing company.